Ignorance and Malice Are Not the Same Thing

One of the things that we truly believe is that people thrive in community. You simply cannot thrive in isolation, and a key ingredient in what adoptive and foster families need to thrive is to be connected to a healthy church ministry that understands them and will support them as they travel their adoption and [...]

Common Logical Fallacies

My 14-year-old son is studying formal logic and I am loving watching him learn and discussing it with him. The following are descriptions and examples of 10 common logical fallacies. Understanding them can be very helpful. Ad Hominem: This occurs when an author attacks his opponent instead of his opponent’s argument. Example: Trina thinks guns [...]

Thoughts on MLK Day

Today we pause and remember civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King. I can still remember the first time I watched footage of his “I Have a Dream” speech in history class. As a young man growing up in South Africa in the 1980’s Dr. King had a profound effect on my life because the [...]

5 Keys to Building Better Relationships

I want better relationships, don't you? Sometimes I feel like I spend more time thinking (or writing) about changing the way I interact with people than I actually spend changing the way I interact with people. I think some of you can relate. Change needs two things...ideas followed by actions. Our example of the balance [...]