Ryan and his wife Kayla have six children through birth and foster care adoptions. They began their foster care journey in 2004 and welcomed close to thirty foster children into their home. Although their home is closed to foster care, they continue to support those who are walking this journey.

Ryan is the Executive Director of Tapestry, the Adoption and Foster Care Ministry of Irving Bible Church in Dallas/Fort Worth. Tapestry serves to connect families in community, equip them for the journey, and encourage them along the way. In his capacity as the Executive Director of Tapestry, Ryan also leads Empowered to Connect, the training and support community of Tapestry.

Ryan and Kayla are Lead Empowered to Connect Parent Trainers and write about the blessings and challenges of parenting a large family at One Big Happy Home. Ryan is a contributor to Empowered to Connect, the Tapestry blog and the Today Parenting team.