Are you Leading the Way?

I believe that parenting is a leadership exercise. I also believe that leaders should never ask their people to do the things that they themselves are not willing to do. I think that most would agree with that, but we (parents) ask our kids to do things that we ourselves are unwilling to do, especially [...]


Listener Tracy writes in asking about an episode devoted to TBRI with kids under the age of 4. How do we use compromise and other tools seen in The Connected Child when our little ones don't always have the words or understanding to utilize them. Chris, Ryan, and Kayla talk about how these concepts can [...]

Birth Families

Chris, Ryan, and Kayla discuss a listener's question, "How important is maintaining biological family relationships for foster/adoptive children? Is this something that we should put a lot of effort into for long-term benefit? Will our children remember visits from when they are very young, and will those be something they look back on an appreciate?"


Chris is joined once again by Ryan and Kayla as the team talks about the need for mindfulness. As Curt Thompson says, "You need to pay attention to what you're paying attention to." They discuss why this is especially important with adoptive and foster children. Star Wars | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! Goo Timer [...]